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Push to talk Cloud PTT is an online instant communication service between groups of professionals using mobiles or Smartphones. This service emulates "Walkie-Talkie" style of communication with no delays / limitations over group sizes or coverage. Using the service is very simple, interlocutor can speak directly to the rest of the group members by the touch of a button. This kind of communication helps to maximize productivity and coordination of teams. Push to talk Cloud PTT allows a company to use one or more installed Office Terminals (base team) on a single computer. The Office Terminal allows users to record conversations, locate members and contact with anyone of them, make individual calls, communicate with previously defined groups and even create instant groups, all whilst participating in simultaneous sessions.


  • Instant communications for users that can't wait the ringtone.
  • Closed 1-1 and groups communications.
  • Simulates radio or walkie-talkie experience.
  • For work teams that should be permanently coordinated and communicated.
  • Dispatcher Console.
  • Centralized Management, Recording.
  • Higher productivity, upper bound costs, device convergence, quicker response time.


  • Spanish
  • English
  • Turkish

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