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Dashboard Mobile Content is the distribution solution of enterprise content and documentary management for tablets and Smartphones. Allows to transmit corporate information in an easy and safe way from any content management system and presented in a sleek interface, intuitive and adapted to the way of working with your mobile device.Dashboard Mobile Content (BigTinCan Hub) allows to distribute and publish content into the mobile devices. The content and applications on the device are presented in a corporate perfectly organized with an environment that stays updated and synchronized with the central repository located on the server of the company. Content Mobile Dashboard allows to employees to use content which has been distributed by your company in a simple and very visual way. The employees will access to all this information in a quick way, optimizing time distribution through other channels.


  • Check all information.
  • Access and distribution of content through an attractive interface.
  • Creating an organized working environment. Updated and synchronized with the headquarters repository of the company.
  • Effective Information channel.
  • Feedback from users: Dashboard Mobile Content incorporates several tools that allow users to qualify the corporate content or comments posted measured.
  • Corporate Image: Mobile Content Dashboard allows you to customize, for example, with the logos of the company, the work environment within the mobile.


  • Spanish
  • English
  • Portuguese

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