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Xambox, a full-SaaS service, automatically gathers, archives, indexes and sorts all types of documents (paper or digital). Its search engine makes it easily retrievable from anyconnected devices. Xambox generates heavy usage and daily connections: an average user adds a document per day and runs 20 searches per week. It can be quickly integrated within your SaaS store or CRM (SSO, billing, subscription,etc.): Xambox is already compatible with SaaS stores and is Orange's LeCloudPro blockbuster. It is totally cross-industry: as long as customers have to manage paper, invoices orsnail mail, they are likely to enjoy Xambox. Our users range from families to shopkeepers, from SoHos to local governments, from startups to accountants.


  • Simplicity: Sure, Xambox improves efficiency, but full automatisation of process (Collecting, sorting, naming, indexing) also makes Xambox an extremely intuitive tool for non-savy users.
  • Integrity: Integrity and security of your data are our priorities: we implemented the latest technologies to protect your documents, and we keep you informed on the evolutions of Xambox.
  • Availability: Business doesn't stop, SoHos need to be extremely reactive to make their business grow. Our 24/7 SaaS service enables user to access their documents whenever they want, wherever they are.
  • Innovation: You trust us, so we want to offer you the best service possible. Your opinions, your ideas and our R&D are giving to us the possibility to continuously innovate since 2004. We want always go further to help you manage your documents better.


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