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Ctera provides a network storage environment with functionality of sharing the synchronisation and the collaboration through creating project folders, all managed through a Web environment The customer may place at any time your information and through the Administration Web environment, that provides the company with service, manage to their employees, storage allocation, configuration of backup policies, and permits management and sharing, besides the access to usage reports and other functionality. The service is managed and operated by own personnel and is hosted in one of our data centres located in Spain, guaranteeing to the customer an environment of assurance and quality of service. Providing information security and stored communications used for storage and download of information.


  • Safe environment using AES 256 encryption and https protocol. LOPD meets.
  • Need to Agent to perform Backup and Synchronization, fixed devices compatible with Windows, MAC and LINUX. and for performing file synchronization in mobile IOS and Android compatible.
  • Multi-level synchronization of files between different devices of the same user.
  • Manage shared folders permission level assignment between business users.
  • Control of different versions in files and backup.
  • Desk Integration Windows like a network drive, allowing upload folders and subfolders.


  • Spanish
  • English

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