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Ingenia offers a pedagogical tool that allows training to promote constructivist learning, involving the students actively in his own learning to give meaning. This kind of teaching allows the student to analyse, investigate, collaborate, share, build and generate based on what he already knows. In order to focus the service of the training plan in SMEs, the platform would be limited to a number of users. At any moment, the client may decide to increase the number of users or decrease it. While the contract continues in force, information associated with the students should persist, although the contract was over them and could no longer enter.


  • Wide range of courses and subjects Cost reduction in training.
  • Strong safety and reliability across the platform.
  • Comprehensive information on the activity of each student.
  • Allows self-management of time, allowing people to achieve greater independence and autonomy.
  • Interactivity and motivation.
  • Has a user friendly navigational interface, lightweight, efficient and compatible with most commonly used browsers on the network.


  • Spanish

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