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Spontania Classroom is a complete application with high quality video, audio and presentation to allow speakers and attendees to maximize the effectiveness of training and communication of the organization, while saving costs and reduce travelling. Users can perform continuing education programs with a single click on their PCs, Macs, Smartphones and tablets, without any prior technical knowledge. Allows connection capacity of 25 different points simultaneously which can be increased to 50, 100... if needed. The organization shall have a number of 10 users that can use this service. Would it require of more people with this component, it may request additional users in groups of 10 incremental users.


  • Distance-learning curses.
  • Continuous training programs.
  • Webinars and papers.
  • MVideo, audio and presentation of excellent quality.
  • Seminar and corporate message dissemination.
  • Multiple parallel simultaneous speakers and virtual classrooms.
  • No investments in technical infrastructure at low cost.


  • Spanish
  • English
  • Portuguese

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