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Facturgem is an app for invoice creation, it can be generated from scratch: it is not necessary to pre-create any customer or product catalogue. Facturclick allows users to copy data in order to avoid re-entering and speeding-up the process, controlling outstanding payments, generating invoices and PDF format proforma invoices and exporting data so you can take it wherever. Not only allows to issue your invoices and budgets easily, it can also store, search, sort, edit and modify the information. The client is dynamically created and stored for future operations, and the detail lines are free text invoice. It can be managed by customer discounts and by invoice and VAT. Facturclick offers the opportunity to share with your clients, managers or invoice providers any chosen quotes in the most comfortable way using an e-consultation on the Internet. Thus, customers can view and download invoices accessing an URL, with full security guarantee, given than only the invoice creator can modified it. You can keep track of which invoices have already been paid and the total amount to be recovered.


  • Save time.
  • Cost Savings.
  • When and wherever you want.
  • Security: Facturclick guarantees its customers maximum security and confidentiality of all data.
  • Streamline procedures. Simple implementation and use.


  • Spanish
  • English

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