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Ilium BlackBerry Sales is an application developed by CETEL SYSTEMS to manage presales processes based existing and potential customers, generating orders for route, track the history shares for opportunities, etc.. Ilium BlackBerry Sales allows the introduction of customer orders and the backoffice auto shipping, manage trade agenda customers and prospects fully centrally. All actions from the application are audited and classified for further evaluation. The sales department can access the entire product catalog from the mobile terminal, and is completely integrable for future expansion with all applications of Ilion platform.


  • Increased mobility and automation in commercial actions.
  • Prevents data loss in case of theft or loss of the mobile terminal.
  • Improved monitoring and control by management over the actions of the sales force.
  • Avoid duplicate tasks and the order generated from the application automatically synchronizes with sales and warehouse.
  • The company can add value to their customer, thanks to the improvement in response time to business and logistically.
  • Can be integrated with the management system of the company, being expandable with other applications ILION platform.
  • Oriented and scalable for all types of businesses, from a company with a large sales force to a freelancer.


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