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Ilion Electronic Invoice is an electronic invoicing. use it from anywhere with just the use internet browser (web app 100%), with no investment in infrastructure and permanently adapted to the rules of the AEAT (Tax Agency). Ilium eFactura is an electronic billing and document encryption, permanently adapted to the rules of the AEAT (Tax Agency). Paperless billing is a functional equivalent of the paper bill and involves the transmission of invoices or documents similar between sender and receiver by remote electronic means (computer files) and (from one computer to another), digitally signed with certificates.


  • Easy to use: you can sign all your bills without double efforts, from a single tool without installing any software (requires internet connection only).
  • The system ensures compliance with the Tax Agency (AEAT), with XMLDesign XL and XAdES formats.
  • Optional storage of all company certificates encrypted on the platform.
  • Allows sending invoices by email to customers and suppliers from the system.
  • Unlimited storage.
  • High security: safe management of digital certificates.
  • Validation, verification and visualization of historical.
  • Easily integrated with other solutions Ilium family.


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