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Tango helps you to manage your customer portfolio and send by email issued vouchers. Also, if you do not issue printed electronic receipts, you can print them in pre-printed forms. Registers the products and services that are usually commercialised. During the issuance of vouchers you can add additional information for each product and/or service and assign a price or a particular routine for each client. Additionally you’ll get a variety of invoicing statistics. Plus, in order to send to your accountant all the information needed for tax payments and to generate the Tax Sales book, just need to press a button.


  • Easy to use: Intuitive application that includes video tutorials and an assistant for setting it up.
  • Affordable:Tango Express allows you to generate invoices without initial software or hardware investment.
  • You will have the possibility of create electronic invoices and send them by email.
  • Security: Tango Expresso ensures maximum security and data protection to the customers.
  • Availability: ready to use 24 hours, 365 days.


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