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Yourcegid is a business management tool all in one allowing you to create your quotes and turn them easily by invoices. Since the dashboard of the home page, you also have the opportunity to follow at real time the major indicators of your business. All authorized persons have access to the estimates and invoices: thus in the absence of an employee, you can find the business at which he was responsible. It is a simple, intuitive solution for monitoring business, estimations, invoices and credit notes. Yourcegid is the ideal solution for small businesses looking for achievement of professional estimations and invoices.


  • Customize your documents (logo, etc.).
  • Create or import your customer file / articles.
  • Store the information of your articles and services.
  • Establish your quotes / invoices as a word processing.
  • Turn your quotes directly into invoices, invoices assets.
  • Check the price quoted by the analysis of the costs or production.
  • Follow the quote unanswered.
  • Review your business profitability through analysis and dashboard.
  • Transfer your data with a click of management accounting.


  • French
  • English

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