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It is an online system that allows electronic invoicing very simply, it can get legal proof to your customers in less than a minute regardless of the geographical location where they are. Complies with all regulations of AFIP system. Facilitates location of receipt issued, allowing to quickly know the status. Centralize all electronic receipts in a place and with the same format. It offers portability, flexibility and contributes to the ecology and the voucher print paper is not required. Facturante allows receipts from import pre-formatted file or by using the manual biller, customizing vouchers by incorporating the logo of the company and Managing customer and product portfolio with suggested prices.


  • Preparation of vouchers and personalized with preloaded data for faster loading.
  • Managing customer and product portfolio with suggested prices.
  • Importing vouchers from predefined file format or manually using the biller.
  • Delivery of invoices by e-mail notices of receipt.
  • Registration and control of their collections.
  • Backup of all the vouchers issued for the period of two years.


  • Spanish

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