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emBlue is a software designed to integrate the entire cycle of an email marketing campaign, from target customers selection, to the results evaluation, through the design and implementation of it. It allows sending massive mailing, you only need a database and a message (text or html or an emBlue template) to start sending customized mailings to all database. emBlue is no other system of email marketing campaigns management, but a complete solution that automates most of the work and gives you detailed information about the outcome of your promotional and loyalty campaigns. It is based 100% on Web technology and is able of managing hundreds of mailing campaigns simultaneously, secure and reliably.


  • EmBlue enables customize each email (each HTML) easily, so that each of their emails is unique.
  • Automatically manage unsubscriptions. Each time a user clicks "unsubscribe" will not receive email from emBlue anymore because emBlue blocks it automatically.
  • EmBlue has HTML templates and an editor that allows customization of these templates or any imported HTML.
  • EmBlue only needs a browser and Internet connection to work.
  • EmBlue has a support service via chat, email and phone to accompany users on any issues or concerns they may arise.


  • Spanish
  • French
  • English
  • Portuguese

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