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Joincube is the collaborative social platform which allows your team to connect to the knowledge, increase its productivity and commitment. Allow your working team to collaborate using their own social network, creating groups, sending private messages, assigning tasks and sharing documents, images and videos. Reduce the management time in almost a 40%, obtain results in an easier way, improve the productivity of your team and compare the efficiency along the time. Joincube applies the revolutionary concept of gamification to improve the productivity on the basis of virtual rewards related to activities and positive results for the company.


  • Communicate quickly through individual or group chats.
  • Share public and private messages.
  • Create and assign tasks, create events, share documents, images and videos.
  • Analyse the productivity identifying bottlenecks and the informal structure of the company.
  • Gamefication: Increase the commitment of your team through virtual rewards automatically assigned by the platform.
  • Create workteams and organize your content with hashtags for a quick access.
  • Syncronise your Google account and share your documents from Google Drive and the calendars from Google Calendar.


  • Spanish
  • English

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