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Movilogic has been launched a new application which is called Moviventas, it is a salesforce automation tool that uniquely understands the need of salespeople on the move. Your salesforce will benefit by being able to make transactions wherever they are, at the very moment a sale is made.

Features included:

  • Efficient sales management. Less time = increased sales.
  • Invoicing and order processing as well as collection processing.
  • Invoice / receipt printing.
  • Non-blocking work - all features work offline and information is synchronized regularly.
  • Geolocation for your salespeople: see to your clients on the map and decide on your route.
  • Geolocation for the company: know where your devices are.
  • Performance module: see how far you are from your target and take action to close gaps.
  • Supervisor mode, for sales team leaders.
  • Easily integrated with known CRM systems such as SAP.
  • Push notifications to get your salesforce immediately aware of new products or stock availability.
  • Available on Android devices.


  • Increase sales and customer loyalty.
  • Works on Google cloud.
  • Reduced costs Differentiate from competitors.
  • Easy to use and Have your information streamlined directly from your salesforce to your CRM.
  • Accelerated delivery times and information processing, eliminating typing errors and accelerating the decision-making process.


  • Spanish
  • English

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