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SMS Marketing enables your company to send text messages to your customers' mobile phones using a Web tool. It is a powerful business communication tool that you can use from any PC connected to Internet. You can easily create mobile campaigns that will help you improve your business. With SMS Marketing you can create an SMS mobile campaign from any computer with Internet connection. Mobile marketing is the most effective way for a company to contact its customers. You just need to buy an SMS pack to start using SMS Marketing. The SMS messages are sent using email and they are discounted from the credit of the SMS messages purchased in SMS Marketing and are listed in the send reports in the same way as those sent using the web interface.


  • Increase sales and customer loyalty.
  • It is the most effective channel of communication with customers.
  • Instant. Within 20 minutes the campaign is designed and executed.
  • Economic and cost-saving compared to traditional media.
  • Simple, you only need a computer with Internet connection.


  • Spanish
  • English
  • French

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