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Revolutionary online company of direct sales of Community Management services for SMEs and Micro-SMEs that will manage their information into the social network. You can substantially benefit from social networks, even if you do not know how, when or do not have enough time to do so. For this reason Sociálitas has been created and designed for you.
Sociálitas helps you to take the first steps into social networks, they create your Facebook and Twitter page and start your company blog. All of this helps you to communicate with your clients, to advertise services and promotions and even create new sales channels (Facebook online store). In addition, Sociálitas will track any mention about your business on the Network (brand monitoring) and tell you how many people follows what you are doing.


  • Sociálitas manages your digital identity in the social networks efficiently and to explore all your business potential.
  • Until today only big companies could afford this service, but now also SME's can have a low cost community manager service, for brand positioning, tracking and developing.
  • Brand monitoring and analysis and assessment of the conversations generated.
  • Monthly activity report.


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  • English

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