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As pioneers in the supply of business, financial and marketing information over the internet, Axexors aim is to facilitate decision-making processes and minimize the risk involved in all types of business operations. Decide with confidence the best national and international information available on companies and sole traders (Balance Sheets, Bank and Commercial Delinquency, RAI Bad Debt Register, Solvency, Credit Rating, Research, Legal Claims, Employees and Directors). Get in-depth picture of any company. Investigative Reports include research into the business environment in question, complimented by up to date financial information. Axesor provides you with a more transparent and comprehensive picture of a company. The most up to date financial, commercial, legal and risk information, with access to the Bad Debt Register (RAI), trade trends, recommended credit, legal proceedings and risk projection.


  • Provides useful information to decide whereas customers or operations are risky.
  • Easily get full relevant data about portfolio customers, providers and organizations of interest.
  • Unlimited access to a system that has the know-how of the first Spanish Rating Agency.
  • Multi-company, advanced and comprehensive credit risk management.
  • Accessible 365 days anywhere.


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