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DialGraph is a virtual assistant that interacts with people to solve their queries. It interprets the human language and speech in a natural language, provides answers on preconfigured subjects and efficiently solves the questions of the users. A virtual assistant is an artificial intelligence that answers questions for which has an automatic preconfigured answer; it assists the users and guides them through the resolution process of their queries. DialGraph uses natural, simple and human language. It identifies concrete queries and it is able to guide requesting more details informing simultaneously on the alternatives on which assistance can be supplied. The efficiency of DialGraph is due to its capacity to tackle extensive and very detailed assistances.


  • Increase of sales: guides clients to get the products or services that really need.
  • Total availability: 24/7, assists queries and sales without interruptions.
  • Multifunction: Pre-sale and post-sale assistance, virtual salesman, on-line teacher, etc.
  • Innovative image: real voice, synthetic voice, avatars, let your company project the image of a forefront company.
  • Unlimited simultaneous assists.
  • Low maintenance costs and faster deployment.


  • Spanish
  • French
  • English

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