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Mantis is a web based tool that allows companies and independent professionals to manage in an efficient way bugs, complaints and service requests of users and customers that reduce business productivity. Minimize the response times and improve customer satisfaction.Through a simple web interface, the application offers a complete support for notification, tracking, and solution of incidences offering customer a better quality service with lower response time. Mantis has a control workflow and follow up to split process to into different categories. Thus, expedite the resolution of complaints and errors, updating the user automatically on the status of his request. The whole process is fully configurable to suit any organization needs, including filters, search engines and customized reports to assess the status of tickets at any time.


  • Optimizes your services availability.
  • Expedite and simplifies the incidence resolution process.
  • Reduces incidence impact into the organization.
  • Improves customer satisfaction.
  • Maximizes productivity.


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  • English

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