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VirtuAgenda is an easy and powerful application, aimed to satisfy the organizational needs of a broad professional sector which currently cannot offer their services through Internet. The aim of VirtuAgenda is to manage your clients, register and speed-up communications with clients through different means of communication, and allow the shared management of spaces and/or professionals. Virtuagenda allows the application users to manage two important lines of any business: portfolio of clients and management of their working agenda. Management tool for online reservations through a singled integrated CRM. Module of cash receipts and visibility on the Internet with a personalized portal, without the need of owning any domain. VirtuAgenda allows to offer the services of your company via Internet, even if you do not own any website or domain (if you do have it, VirtuAgenda integrates with it easily). The incorporated billing module allows to manage and control charges associated to the reservation of spaces or professionals. The system automatically sends banking receipts through Internet.


  • Simple application that allows managing space reservations (or people) in a unified and double vision.
  • Helps selling.
  • Simplifies the storage and retrieval of information. You can store associated with each client, documentary information you need in any format (Word, Excel, PDF, JPG,).
  • Reduction in time and costs of the backup jobs through call with VirtuAgenda may remove (or simultaneous) call service for bookings of spaces.


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