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WebCentrix is a web platform that optimizes customer service online, centralizing information from multiple digital channels and increasing the productivity of the company. Can integrate simply and efficiently support best digital tools: email, online chat, web forms. In minutes, it can provide professional support to visitors to the web, via email, online chat or web forms. All conversations generated are centralized in one unified inbox, from which agents can respond in a timely manner each of the queries and complaints. WebCentrix has innovative added value to improve customer service, the system realizes when a query is a complaint or negative comment and prioritizes, places it above all in the list so that agents can give a prompt management to more pressing issues.


  • Givens of private and public knowledge to create art answers, tutorials and frequently asked questions.
  • Allows you to transfer or derive a ticket between different agents or business areas allowing work in an organized way.
  • Centralized management of digital channels.
  • Customers can qualify the level of care provided by the agent.
  • Supervisors can monitor and analyze who answered each query, as it did and at what time.

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