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TickOut is a mobile solution that helps customers and stores to manage their purchases/sales in an efficient, safe and innovative way. Manage the purchases in a simple and safe way, without the traditional paper ticket. TickOut concentrates all the interactions with the store: returns, refunds, guarantees, etc. and your mobile device. It has been developed with universal accessibility in mind, to give the user maximum usefulness when interacting with any store; improving the customer experience and offering to the stores a new way of interacting with their customers. Tickout is a convenient and easy way to organize your purchases electronically without all the mess and confusion.


  • Purchases management.
  • Advanced tickets search engine.
  • Tickets always available.
  • Contacts network to share tickets, discounts and coupons.
  • Access to discounts and exclusive promotions anytime.
  • Multilanguage and multicurrency.
  • Customization available for each brand and store.
  • Innovative and a differentiation tool.


  • Multi-language

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