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It is the first search engine optimizer in real time. You can optimize your content in order to appear in the first free search engine results; in just 2 simple steps and in less than 5 minutes. vFound SEO allows you to understand that sentences are the most sought for your business and which may or not appear at the top in search engines. Once you make your selection,it helps you to change your content and the words you chose. The process does not lasting more than 5 minutes per page and allows you to be competitive and attract web traffic (free) for each content you have on your website.


  • "Ranking" by word or phrase ("Top 5 Places", "Top 10", "Out of the 1st page Results").
  • Local and global traffic phrase or word.
  • Automatic synonym suggestions for other competitive phrases.
  • Automated attendant to modify and adapt the content to selected words or phrases.
  • Option to lower static HTML file optimized.
  • Option to analyze competitors pages and see your SEO strategy.


  • Spanish

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