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Sugar CRM is a leading Customer Relationship Management system that can be completely operated through a web browser. SugarCRM delivers a feature-rich CRM application. Sugar Open Source is right for you if you do not have a current CRM system; your current system is too expensive; or is not delivering the value that you are expecting. If your company does not have a systematic way to handle CRM processes such as coordinating contacts, opportunities, and accounts, managing email lists and marketing campaigns, or handling service requests and customer issues, SugarCRM is perfect for you. The user interface is fast and intuitive so your employees will understand how to use the application in a matter of hours.


  • Sales Force Automation (Leads, contacts, opportunities, accounts, activities and documents).
  • Customer Support (Case management and bug tracking).
  • Reporting (Sales pipeline dashboard, Lead source dashboard, Monthly pipeline by outcome dashboard and opportunities by lead source dashboard).
  • Collaboration (Activity management, document management, Calendars and project management).
  • Migration (data import and export).


  • Spanish
  • English
  • +20 languages available

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