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Panda Cloud Office Protection is an easy-to-use, secure solution providing constant, robust, real-time protection for workstations, laptops and servers. Based on the concept of software as a service (SaaS), it harnesses the power of Collective Intelligence's knowledge base from the cloud which delivers maximum real-time protection against known and unknown threats. Panda Cloud Office Protection provides real-time proactive protection ensuring the highest levels of detection for known and unknown malware and threats regardless of where they come from (email, messenger, web etc.). It includes firewall protection (personal or managed) and behaviour detection technologies. Centralized monitoring of the security status of all your PCs, Servers and laptops guarantees you maximum security control and peace of mind while password controlled uninstalls ensures that the security can only be removed by administrators.


  • Robust protection for Android devices, endpoints, servers and incoming and outgoing mail.
  • Vision and control of any laptop outside the corporate network.
  • Reporting through the web console.
  • Save time and without specialized personnel.
  • Minimizes maintenance costs and recourse consumption.


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