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A multi Hotel Management Software or PMS to improve your work: staff, bookings, maintenance, housekeeping, customer care, notifications, rooms management. Administration (invoicing and sales, purchasing and stock synchronized), managing of the hotel services, like transfers, city tours, and the service you want to give.

Besides, you can:

  • Personalize your own dashboard.
  • Personalize views of any business entity, such as customers, rooms, availability, services, in the way you want.
  • You can create indicators, to know your business status.
  • Also you can configure alerts and email notifications.
  • Import and export Microsoft Excel files.
  • You always has easy access to your information - anywhere, anytime.


  • YiQi Hotels simplifies your hotel management.
  • Integrates all your customers to follow up, from the reservation to the check out, and if you are interested, you can continue preserving your customer with post sales actions.
  • Direct booking (it can be integrated with your own website).
  • Integrated with major portals selling hotel rooms through the Internet.
  • You can access from your office computer, laptop, phone or tablet.
  • Automatic mailing to the customer.
  • It also can be customized to fulfill your needs and your processes.
  • It can be expanded as a complete ERP.


  • Spanish
  • English
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