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Finance & Accounting

logo clic and tag


RoboCompta automatically performs accounting from the bank statement on any device. Thanks to automatic integration of entries, it automatically categorizes the accounting entries through a system of icons. You also have a clear visibility with dashboards and an easy access to statistics and management tools.

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logo clic and tag

Estimates & Invoice

This application is an ideal tool for any entrepreneur or organization that needs hassle-free invoicing solution. You can send professional-looking invoices in seconds (customize your estimates and convert to invoices with just a click) and set a schedule for recurring invoices.

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logo clic and tag

Business Expenses Management

Expenses by Click&Tag allows you to manage your business expenses wherever you are. Thanks to the mobile application you capture receipts easily with your smartphone and submit expense reports. You will appreciate the validation workflow system: immediately approve or reject expense reports via manager access.

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logo yourcegid

Your Cegid

Yourcegid Solos Estimations/invoices is the ideal solution for small businesses looking for achievement of professional estimations and invoices, while controlling their activity.

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logo tango


Tango helps to manage your customer portfolio and send by email issued vouchers. Also, if you do not issue printed electronic receipts, you can print them in pre-printed forms. It registers the products and services that are usually commercialised.

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logo facturante


It is an online system that allows electronic invoicing very simply, it can to get legal proof to your customers in less than a minute regardless of the geographical location where they are.

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logo sage

Sage Software

Sage software and services equip customers to run their businesses more effectively and overcome the challenges of today's business environment.

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logo factuclick


Facturclick is a great application for freelancers and SME. Facturclick is the easiest and most effective way to make your bills and budgets in a few minutes and share them with your stakeholders. You can keep track of the status of the invoices.

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logo ilion

Ilion Accounting

Service module that allows management of your business accounting in an easy way. It also help you to ensure tax regulation compliment of one or several companies. It can be adapted to companies of any size and to consulting firms specialized on tax obligations.

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logo ilion

Ilion Electronic Invoice

lion Electronic Invoice is an electronic billing and document encryption application, permanently updated according with AEAT (Spanish Tax Agency) regulations. It also protects user's data through encrypted certificates with unlimited storage.

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logo ilion

Ilion Blackberry Sales

Ilium BlackBerry Sales is an application to manage presales processes. Its allows the introduction of customer orders and the backoffice auto shipping, manage trade agenda customers and prospects fully centrally.

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logo mcafee


McAfee Multi Access protects users from viruses and malware and allows to easily manage and monitor multiple devices. Easily locate your lost or stolen Android smartphone or tablet remotely. Filter out unwanted email and malicious spam that could be looking to steal personal information.
logo mcafee

Endpoint Total Protection

Endpoint Total Protection allows SMB to get powerful protection against advanced threats, without the need for IT expertise. Manage and configure several computers in the company network, through the web. It protects proactively against malware to secure your internal IT infrastructure.
logo panda


Panda EndPoint Protection Plus is a software as a service that provides real-time protection to the end point. It is a proactive protection against all types of malware and other threats. Centralized online monitoring of the security status of all the company PCs.
logo kiwatch


This service allows the customer to monitor remotely his home or business from the PC, phone or tablet. Generates alerts in case of intrusion and also saves the recordings safely. KIWATCH offers a unique Wi-Fi video monitoring.
logo kaspersky

Small Office Security

Kaspersky Small Office Security is a computer security suite designed specifically for Very Small Businesses –it is as powerful as a corporate solution whilst being easy to install and use.
logo kaspersky


Kaspersky Internet Security – Multi-Device is a one-licence solution that delivers award-winning protection for all your devices – security beyond the desktop. Combines protection, performance and usability for all your devices.
logo vmware

VMware Workspace ONE™

VMware Workspace ONE™ delivers and manages any app on any smartphone, tablet, or laptop. It begins with consumer grade self-service, single-sign on access to cloud, mobile, and Windows apps and includes powerfully integrated email, calendar, file and collaboration tools that engage employees.

Retail & Online

logo hostopia


Hostopia offers wholesale solutions for domains, websites, email, ecommerce, social and mobile. It allows you buy a dedicated Domain and create your own Web Site without any technical knowledge in few clicks.
logo upplication


Upplication is an online tool where you can create your business mobile app without computer skills. You can create your app from your Facebook Business Page URL and customize it whenever you want. We also assigned a personal tutor that will guide you through the process to get the most out of it. We will publish your app on Google Play and Apple App Store (iOS / Android).
logo mobincube


Mobincube is a mobile application platform for companies, which is aimed both SMEs and the self-employed and even individuals who have no technical knowledge of programming. It is very flexible app builder.
logo comerzzia


Comerzzia is a modular platform for the management of stores that seeks to integrate the multi-channel strategy in business organizations in the retail sector in order to improve the consumer shopping experience.
logo vfo


vFound offers the latest technology in Internet positioning. "VFO Search Engine" allows you to define your digital strategy integrated SEO / SEM, using the best quotes and remain competitive.
logo zeendo


Zeendo is a cloud platform (PaaS) that allows you to create websites using a technology that adapts the contents of your website to all the devices (mobile, PC and tablets). It has been conceived for all kinds of users without programming knowledge;
logo andara


Andara offers a complete range of quality print and creative design services with print management, web design and SEO web development taking a more important role over the last few years.
logo tickout


TickOut is the first mobile solution that enables stores to offer innovative and effective service to their customers. Manage your purchases in a simple and safe way, without the traditional ticket. It is a convenient and easy way to organize your purchases electronically.


logo clauserp


ClausERP is an application which integrate the direction, management and control of business activities. With this application you can have all the business information, at any time and from anywhere in the world.

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logo kubbos


Kubbos is an online business management software, which enables companies to simply and quickly carry out the administration of your company from any place. It has significantly improved your productivity and your capacity to respond to new challenges.

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logo gesio


esio is an On-line management tool for business. Intuitive, friendly and with more than 40 modules interconnected to make your daily management all from the same program. GESIO lets you control your business activities and evaluate your customers behavior.

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logo sugar crm ce

Sugar CRM CE

SugarCRM CE enables businesses to create extraordinary customer relationships with the most innovative and affordable CRM solution. SugarCRM delivers a feature-rich CRM application through a web browser.

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logo google apps

Google Apps for Work

Google Apps is a cloud-based productivity suite that includes secure, reliable workplace tools for email, calendar, text and video chat, document creation, project websites, and online storage and sync, and allows for easy extensibility with hundreds of applications in the Google Apps Marketplace.

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logo office 365

Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based service designed to help your organization with collaboration and productivity tools. Everyone can work together easily with anywhere access to email, web conferencing, documents, and calendars.

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logo spontania videomeeing

Spontania Videomeeting

Spontania Videomeeting is a cloud solution for managing virtual meetings with their stakeholder. It is a quick and easy app that will help you optimize your program. You have many possibilities, including corporate Instant Messaging (similar to messenger).

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logo oonair


Oonair is the mobile video collaboration platform that allows to produce, share and manage mobile video for business collaboration at a distance. You can also capture and upload videos, pictures or voice notes from any mobile device at any time.

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logo wormhole


Wormhole allows to provide remote training in real time, with excellent quality and interaction between participants Broadcast live audio and video, chat, share documents on the virtual whiteboard, share your desktop, record your sessions and much, much more.

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logo genaker

Push to Talk

Genaker Cloud PTT is an online instant communication service between groups of professionals using mobiles or Smartphones. This service emulates "Walkie-Talkie" style of communication with no delays / limitations over group sizes or coverage.

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logo cloudline


Cloudline is a cloud email service offering enterprise-grade messaging solutions. Comprehensive functionality includes full groupware capabilities, Outlook integration and mobile synchronisation options.

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logo bluekiwi


BlueKiwi solutions allows you create internal and external social networks for your employees to interact and engage with each other, With Bluekiwi you work smarter - increasing collaboration, fostering innovation and bolstering competitiveness.

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Document Management

logo ctera


CTERA is a network storage service that lets you share, synchronize and work with files, all managed through the web. Also allows you to share and store information efficiently and safely, for both customers and employees.

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logo edocea


Edocea recovers, classifies and automatically finds your professional documents in just one click (bills, contracts, bank statements, sales receipts, expenses, ...). All your documents are kept safely and in addition Edocea let you synchronises your bank statements.

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logo xambox


Xambox collects, organises and preserves your documents automatically. All your documents are processed using optical character recognition (OCR) to automatically extract keywords, even from photos. You can find them in a click.

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logo ecomfax


Ecomfax let you Send and receive faxes in a clean, safe and reliable way, to any recipient, from any application, device or location. You do not need any fax machine, just a computer or mobile with internet access.

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logo bigtincan hub

Bigtincan Hub

Bigtincan Hub is powerful, collaborative and secure solution that automatically delivers the most relevant content the right users directly to their mobile device with all the productivity capabilities needed to work with and present content delivered in one integrated, intuitive platform.

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logo libre office

Libre Office

LibreOffice is the power-packed and open source personal productivity suite for Windows that gives you six feature-rich applications for all your document production and data processing needs: Writer, Calc, Impress, Draw, Math and Base.

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logo opentrad


Opentrad is open source machine translation services. It can translate texts, documents, web pages, etc. right away. It was designed for organisations that handle a large volume of documents in different languages.

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logo ingenia


Ingenia offers a pedagogical tool. This kind of teaching allows the student to analyse, share, build and generate based on what he already knows. The e-learning could suppose you up to 80% savings compared to classical classroom training.

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logo spontania classroom

Spontania Classroom

Spontania Classroom is the interactive virtual classroom service for your company to provide training live successfully through Internet customers, employees and other geographically distributed audience. It is a complete application with video, audio and high-quality presentation.

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logo dokeos


Dokeos is a virtual learning system based on web with an open source online learning suite. It offers a wide range tools and facilitates the creation and organization of interactive content and exercises.

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logo codeeta


Codeeta is an online service that lets you create forms, stores and promotions, to receive specific or recurring payments and issue tickets for events through Internet. It offers you widgets with web business functionality.

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logo socialitas


Socialites offers the possibility to be present in social networks (Facebook and Twitter) and access the Social Media Marketing (SMM) of professionally and efficiently making the most benefit for your company.

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logo social tools


Social Tools is the Social Marketing application suite. You can Add Marketing tools to your Fan Page to reach your communication goals, generate more Fans, interact with them, and increase sales.

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logo mcs


Mobile Content Suite is your own desktop design and distribution of mobile content.It is the most powerful and easy way to share content from the cloud and from a mobile device.

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logo movilogic


It is a tool for salespeople, enabling them to one handheld, take orders, registered visitors and collections as well as handle accurate information about its products and customers wherever they are.

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logo certified sms

Certified SMS

It is a software that offer SMS massive, secure, convenient and low cost, which allows for a delivery report in PDF certificate with legal validity against third communication. It has an effective campaign manager and detailed reports with dashboard.

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logo sms marketing

SMS Marketing

SMS Marketing allows your company to send text messages to your customers' mobile phones using a Web tool. You just need a computer with internet access for start to use. Suits in all kinds of companies.

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logo emblue


emBlue is a software designed to integrate the entire cycle of an email marketing campaign. With emBlue you can manage your contact base in an orderly way, where you can nurture it, keep track of stocks and register new contacts.

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logo opinator


Opinator is a powerful, profitable and effective interactive marketing solution that allows you acquire more customers and grow your revenue through actions of on-line marketing and electronic trade.

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logo joicube


Joincube is the collaborative social platform which allows your team to connect to the knowledge, increase its productivity and commitment. Allows your team to collaborate using their own social network.

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Resource Management

logo calenbook


Calenbook offers a cloud solution through which you can manage appointments from any mobile device or PC with internet.It is intended for small and medium enterprises, whose clients can modify or accept the appointment of a simple way.

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logo megaventory


Megaventory is the modern sales management solution for businesses, It is online software that helps small businesses that buy, sell and manufacture physical products to manage their sales, all of them by providing a clean and simple interface.

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logo web centrix

Web centrix

WebCentrix is a web platform that optimizes customer service online, it is integrated in a simple way, and everything is reflected in a unified inbox, so company support depoartment can respond quickly to both queries and complaints. The system can prioritize between each other.

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logo enery saver

Energy saver

It is a power saving system of your PC, you'll be able to not only make more efficient use of your resources, you also have savings. The system will provide you information on energy consumption to implement policies to improve.

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logo mantis


Mantis is a management tool and troubleshooting, with which you can track and monitor incidents through a workflow that allows you to categorize them. This allows you to monitor the status of complaints and errors in an automated way.

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logo virtuagenda


VirtuAgenda is an easy and powerful application, aimed to satisfy the organizational needs of a broad professional sector which currently cannot offer their services through the Internet.

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logo axesor


Axesor provides financial and marketing information to the company to make the best business decision making. Axesor has the best national and international information available to businesses, also have access to the Bad Debt Register (RAI).

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logo dialgraph


Dialgraph is a virtual assistant who talks to people and solve their queries. Interprets human language and talk to people in natural language, provides preprogrammed topics answers and resolves issues effectively users.

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logo tomtom


Carclick vehicle information service will be provided by the Carclick, GPS equipment Plug & Play (self-installed and ready to run) that connects to the vehicle OBD II connector. Your staff will spend less time on the road.

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logo tomtom

GPS Tracking

An efficient fleet management begins with a professional navigation. The TomTom devices are the perfect choice for a professional navigation because they help drivers get from one customer to the next in a safe, reliable and in the shortest time posible.

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logo n-mobile


N-mobile is an application that runs on mobile devices and smartphones with integrated GPS and allows you to convert a mobile terminal in a pager so you always know where your mobile terminal or the person who wears it.

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logo sudespacho

Su Despacho Consulting

This solution is designed to be a software for professional offices. It is a program management offices, designed and engineered to manage customer relationships and improve their daily service. You can sharing information and files.

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logo sudespacho

Su Despacho Legal

This solution is designed to be a software for professional offices. It is a program management offices, designed and engineered to manage customer relationships and improve their daily service. You can sharing information and files.

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logo wolters


Wolterkluber offers solutions of information, knowledge, training, publishing and software aimed at customers in the financial markets legal, tax, accounting / commercial among others. All divided into four different modules. (civil, criminal, labor and management).

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logo yiqi

Yiqi Hotels

YiQi Hotel is a software for hotel management business. Manage reservations, stays, passengers and sale of tourist services. Define the structure of your hotel and manage your payroll employments.

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logo yiqi


YIQI HR offers HR system through a platform from which you can manage all content, this is done without having to install or invest anything on your computers. This offers the possibility of YIQI anytime, anywhere.

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logo medicitas


Medicitas is an integrated management appointment management, offers different services such as communication or data storage. It will have a tool that allows you to better coordinate their work with global coverage.

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