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What is NEC Cloud Store?

nec cloud store marketplace

Cloud Store is a unique, public cloud brokerage marketplace that enables ICT service providers to offer their customer organizations ready-to-use business applications from the cloud. Tailored for Telcos, value added resellers and value added distributors. The one-stop-shop marketplace can be fully branded by NEC’s channel partners and is fully managed by NEC with all registering, ordering and billing capabilities included. It contains a rich, expanding catalogue of market leading applications, addressing the business needs of any company.

Cloud Store main features

Fast deployment. Launch your own cloud marketplace in less than two months.

Low investment. Cloud Store is ncbs low-entry flavor. Contact us for a quotation

Pre-set Global Catalogue of ready-to-market applications.

No integrations needed. The applications included in the Cloud Store Catalogue have been previously integrated.

Discover Cloud Store modules

Just like ncbs, Cloud Store follows the principles of modularity, which consists of dividing a complex solution into modules.

Nec Cloud Store modules


Storefront that customers see and browse in order to manage and purchase services.

look and feel

Look & Feel

Allows us to customize the design of the marketplace with the logo and corporate colors of the reseller (Light customization).

user management

User Management

Cloud Store provides many different roles that could be managed by this module (create, edit, update and delete).

catalogue management

Catalogue management

Enables management of the pre-set Global Catalogue of applications offered through the platform.



Single sign-on that allows federating Cloud Store users with an external identity provider from the reseller.



Allows content creation and management within the platform (products, product descriptions, promotions, bundles, news, etc.).


Payment Gateway

Allows integration with PayPal.

purchase process


Responsible for tracking all billing transactions within the platform and calculating end-user billing.



Any report can be obtained from the platform database. It allows the creation of new reports in addition to the default ones.


Help & Support

Enables support to be provided for end-users.

Cloud Store has different Portals for different purposes